Service Level Agreement


  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions and Abbreviations
  3. Costs
    1. Estimations
    2. Payments
    3. Media Spend
  4. Communications
  5. Timeline
  6. Pausing Campaigns
  7. Change Orders
    1. Edits
  8. Privacy
  9. Refunds or Cancellations
  10. Approval

I. Introduction

This Service Level Agreement defines the services of this agency for the client. We strive for 100% transparency when communicating with our clients as we believe this is a vital step for mutual success. We have developed this agreement to outline everything you have the right to expect from our agency and staff during the course of the project. This SLA agreement in conjunction with our other agreements and contracts should provide clarity on all of our policies and procedures.

II. Definitions and Abbreviations

“Costs” means all costs, direct and indirect, incurred by the agency while performing services.
“Estimations” means initial estimates for project costs.
“Payments” means all moneys due from client in exchange for services from Zebra Marketing Solutions, LLC
“Media Spend” means all moneys payable for media, or the budget for online advertising.
“Communications” means any written exchange between the client and Zebra Marketing Solutions, LLC
“Timeline” means the schedule to which we will adhere throughout the completion of the project.
“Change Order” is a form that a client must submit in order to make a change to the original Project Scope.
“SLA” stands for Service Level Agreement

III. Costs

Costs will be outlined and agreed to in the Project Scope Document.

A. Estimations

We are able to provide clients with initial estimates for project costs. The end total may vary from the initial estimate due to scope change, unforeseen circumstances, changes of schedule, etc. Any additional costs will be billed as a normal invoice and will follow the payment terms listed below.

B. Payments

Initial payments are due before work begins on the project. Once the project begins, phase-related payments are due before we proceed to the next phase of work. Standard payment terms are due in full 14 days from the date of invoice. If the client is thirty (30) days past due the project will be suspended until all past payments are made and service bandwidth becomes available again. Late payments are considered a breach of contract and are subject to termination.

C. Media Spend

All media projects have a predetermined media spend budget. Additional, reduced, or paused media spend will carry a 25% administrative fee.

IV. Communications

All important communications, including confidential information and signed documentation, is to be sent through the project management platform. This is done to ensure client confidentiality and serve as a record.

V. Timeline

Each project has an estimated timeline we do our best to adhere to it, but it is subject to change due to response times, edits, and change orders. If you have a tight deadline, arrangements can be made by contacting your project manager but may require a change order. Task allocation times are separate from milestones, deadlines, and turnaround times.

VI. Pausing Campaigns

If a client is unresponsive for a two week (14 day) period of time, we reserve the right to pause the campaign. If a campaign is paused and the client decides to come back on, the project will only resume work when service bandwidth opens back up.

VII. Change Orders

Upon accepting the Project Scope, should the client desire to add additional services or make changes to the existing project scope, the client must submit a signed change order request to the project manager for review. Not all change orders will be approved. Work will not commence until change orders have been authorized and project scope has been formally revised. No refunds will be issued for work done according to change orders.

A. Edits

The agreed upon project scope includes one original template design. Additional templates and graphics will be created in the same style as the initial approved template and may be revised no more than once for minor edits. Minor edits include general look and layout, added functionality or additional site features are not included unless specified in the project scope. The client will receive no more than 2 rounds of edits. Edits will be applied if they are in line with the project scope. Additional design or development will require a change order and will be charged accordingly.

VIII. Privacy

All communications and content exchanged during the course of this project will be subject to our Privacy Policy Agreement.

IX. Refunds or Cancellations

By choosing to work with Zebra Marketing Solutions, you agree to our 30 day notice period for cancellations. Should you give notice of your wish to terminate service, we agree to terminate services 30 days after the date that notice is given. Should you decide to discontinue a one-time project you will be charged for the number of billable hours already dedicated to the project. Our staff puts considerable amounts of time and effort into every project, so we cannot refund you for work already done. You will not be eligible for a refund if you, the client, abandons the project for 2 or more weeks. Please refer to our Refund Policy for details.

X. Approval

All work is subject to the SLA. Work cannot begin until the SLA and all legal agreements are approved and signed. Amendments may occur as necessary upon mutual agreement from both primary stakeholders.

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