Customers don’t buy products and services – they buy results. And while we may deeply believe that our product or service provides superior value to our customers as compared to competitive options – we may not actually know what our customers value unless we ask them. When we know what the customers truly value, and we take a look at the market place to understand the competitive landscape – then we have real data to inform the strategic position and message that should be presented to the customer. When the message aligns with what customers actually want, then the customers will hear you!

ZMS knows the right questions to ask to inform data-driven decisions that lead to strategic advantage in your market.


We can help you achieve:

  • A message that fully resonates with customers and prospects, for increased business
  • Increased awareness in the market place and with all stakeholders
  • Higher margins, tied to an increase in the perceived value of your brand
  • Company positioning based on what your customers value, for increased strategic advantage
  • Measurable results aligned with company goals
  • Awareness of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), to confidently plan for today and for the future
  • An understanding of what your marketing budget should look like, and where it should be allocated for maximum impact
  • A scalable marketing support team to execute the plan and achieve your objectives

ZMS will work with you to develop a measurable, data-driven strategic marketing plan, tied to your company’s business goals.


We can help you avoid:

  • Customers and prospects who are not hearing your message, and not buying from you
  • Lower margins because you brand, product or service have a low perceived value
  • Spending marketing budget in the wrong places, and not getting the results you desire
  • Running into problems or missing opportunities because you did not stop to plan for the future
  • Not having an effective or consistent marketing program because you’re trying to do it all in-house


What do we provide?

Phase 1: Strategic Marketing Plan Development

  • Customer surveys
  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Target audience and segmentation analysis
  • Positioning for company, products and services
  • Value-based message development
  • Assistance with defining and setting goals and objectives
  • A measurable marketing plan designed to achieve your goals and objectives
  • A marketing budget tailored to your objectives

Phase 2: Implement the Plan

ZMS will present the plan to you and your team for approval. Once approved, we will put the plan into action, as your flexible, scalable team of resources to get the job done, tracking and reporting in along the way.

You can rely on us to provide you top notch marketing support in Energy-focused copy-writing, print and digital design of your marketing materials, Website Design, LinkedIn and Social Media Management, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), managing your communications and media relations, and more.

Contact Us to learn more about how ZMS can help you achieve you marketing and business goals.

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