Tradeshow & Events Strategy

The Energy Industry is heavily business to business. We’re a face to face bunch – but just showing up and making a good impression is not enough – we also need an attractive offer and consistent follow-up to maximize the impact and ROI of each and every event we attend, sponsor or exhibit.

It starts with a strategy and a plan:

  • Which events are most important?
  • How much does each event cost and how do we best allocate our budget?
  • Is it best to attend, sponsor or exhibit?
  • If we exhibit, what size booth should we have, and do we have the right setup?
  • How can we encourage visitors to stop by our booth?
  • How can we effectively capture leads at the booth?
  • How do we best follow up to maximize our interactions?
  • Are we effectively communicating our services or offer?

Are you looking to maximize your face to face interactions? Contact Us to find out more about how we can help.

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