If you’ve ever felt like finding a marketing agency who actually understands your business enough to help is an impossible task – then look no further. ZMS Energy Marketing was founded specifically to help Oil & Gas and Energy businesses like yours, by someone who comes from both a technical and business background within the industry. At ZMS, we understand that businesses like yours have unique challenges, which must be met with customized solutions. Our depth of experience in the industry gives us the knowledge necessary to deliver the right strategies to help you retain & attract customers, grow revenues, and gain market share. And our tracking and metrics allow us to continually improve results, to optimize your budget for the highest ROI.

We care about your success and we’re ready to help you take your company to the next level.

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Laura Kamrath

President and Founder, ZMS Energy Marketing

Laura Kamrath received a bachelor’s degree in Geology from Mount Holyoke College in western Massachusetts, a women’s ivy and oldest women’s college in America, and an MBA focused in Energy Marketing from Rice Business. After attending YBRA geology field camp in Montana, Laura started her career with Schlumberger Drilling & Measurements, working offshore Gulf of Mexico as a Field Engineer. She then moved to the business side, working in marketing and sales of aeromagnetic data for Fugro. Her experience also includes salt velocity modeling seismic data interpretation, as part of a team at Ion Geophysical.

Laura’s background includes spearheading a large-scale Strategic Marketing Campaign for geoscience consultancy, INEXS, resulting in 50% growth the following year, and managing the marketing needs for energy & environmental consultancy, RPS, USA. Laura also served as VP Business Development, North America for London-based engineering consultancy, OPC.

Following a 12-year career in oil and gas technical marketing, sales and business management, she recognized the need for robust marketing strategies tailored to the unique needs of the oil industry. She went on to start ZMS Energy Marketing, powered by Zebra Marketing Solutions. As President and Founder, she keeps current with cutting edge marketing trends and strategies to offer the latest solutions to her clients.

Through effective marketing, Laura has raised more than $45,000 over 11 years of riding the MS 150 charity bike ride from Houston to Austin and more than $21,000 for the education fund over the 6 years she served on the Houston rodeo committee.  Laura was born in New Jersey and also grew up in England and Houston. She spends her free time traveling, running, cycling, camping and enjoying the outdoors.

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