Integrated branding

Brand, as a central driver of corporate culture, provides clear direction to people at every level, for everything from new product development to HR and customer service. In essence, your culture IS your brand. And your brand is at the intersection of your company’s strengths, and what your customers value.

Some quick facts:

  • 66% of Americans make purchase decisions based on brand.
  • Companies with strong brands can charge price premiums of up to 15 to 20 percent (think of Apple)
  • Companies with strong brands have higher customer retention rates and lower employee turnover.

A strong brand can help to align company actions and messages with the values of the customers, leveraging your greatest strengths. Having a brand driven organization allows you to create a direction for launching new products and features that are all in synch with customer needs. It allows you to leverage marketing dollars to their best and highest use. In brand driven companies, all aspects of the marketing mix work together to reinforce messages with highest impact – when your message is consistent, repeating it will have a cumulative effect, and it will attract customers who are highly loyal and tell others why they feel this way – your fans!

Creating a strong brand starts with asking people what’s important – both customers and employees, and also looking at the environment in which your company and its brand are operating. The next step is evaluating the findings to come to an agreement of what is most important – your Mission, Values and company Story.

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